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DiesoLiFT 10. - Diesel additive.

DiesoLiFT™ 10 is a combustion enhancing technology proven to increase fuel economy (on average by 5%), cut down harmful emissions and reduce maintenance costs when mixed with diesel fuel and bio-diesel fuel blends.

DiesoLiFT™ BD-Series is proven to provide superior oxidation stability and deposit control benefits when used with bio-diesel fuel, both pure or in blends.

The potential market for IFT products is virtually every gallon of diesel fuel and bio-diesel fuel consumed in the world today. The commercial goal of IFT is the bulk sale (by the container) of DiesoLiFT™ 10 and DiesoLiFT™ BD-Series to major end users of diesel fuel and bio-diesel fuel blends:

Railroad engines; Centrally-fueled truck/bus fleets;  Stationary power generation operators; and Marine vessel operators

More product such as : Bunker fuel- products trading such as Industrial fuel ,380 CST & 180 CST. Mogas, Marine gasoil, Jet A-1,Road fuels, Heating oil- Regular Kerosene, Gasoline , Steels all type, chemicals, Biomass fuel & bio diesel fuel ,coal ,transport fuel.& Bitumen: 60/70,80/100, 85/100 ,100/120 Penetration Bitumen.

Natural Oil:

Palm oil crude & refined ,Sunflower oil crude & refined , Cotton seed oil, Mustard seed, Watermelon kernel seed.

Above all we are also dealing on Nigeria product: Bonny light crude oil ( BLCO) & NLNG.

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